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Personal Care Services for beneficiaries under the age of 21 will go live in the eQSuite Portal on Wednesday, February 24th at 7am CST.


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Effective 11/1/19 eQHealth Solutions new contract site will be updated to AR.EQHS.COM 
This transition will also affect emails, our new email addresses will be changing to end in .com

Emails sent to .org will be received however we ask that you update your records to reflect this change.


Contract Site: ar.eqhs.com

Provider Outreach and Education Email: ar.pr@eqhs.com




To allow for timely processing of OT/PT/ST Parent Consult Telehealth PAs, eQHealth is recommending the

submission of the following clinical information along with your request:

  • DMS-640 for OT/PT/ST treatment
  • Most recent therapy evaluation**
  • Current plan of treatment
  • Addendum describing the transition to/addition of telehealth to the treatment plan along with additional goals specific to telehealth parent consultation and the video conference platform (Skype, Zoom, Teams, FaceTime) intended for use.


Parent consultation defined:  Parent consultation allows individual therapist/ therapist assistant to

instruct a parent or caregiver on how to use therapeutic equipment or techniques

with their child to continue working on therapy goals and objectives.


**Per the DHS guidance, a 90-day extension period will be recognized for therapy evaluation expiring on or after March 1, 2020.**

***Please contact the appropriate therapy state board for clarification of any telehealth clinical practice questions.***



For any Help or Questions, please call 1-888-660-3831



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Welcome Providers,


Beginning on 1/1/2019 eQ Health began processing Extension of Benefits for persons who have not completed an independent assessment or who have completed an independent assessment with a Tier 1 determination.  These services will continue to be authorized under the current OBHS Manual. 


Beginning today 3/01/2019 eQ Health began accepting Extension of Benefits for persons (18 and older) who have completed an independent assessment with a Tier 2 or Tier 3 determination and who are eligible for Medicaid through the 06 Medically Frail categories.  These services will be authorized under the new ABHSCI (Adult Behavioral Health Services for Community Independence Manual). 


Beginning on today 3/01/2019 eQ Health will begin to accept retroactive reviews for those persons (18 and older) beneficiaries who received services through a Medicaid Spenddown.


Beginning today 3/01/2019 eQ Health began accepting Extension of Benefits for persons who have completed an independent assessment with a Tier 2 or Tier 3 determination received services prior to March 1, 2019.  These services will be authorized under the RETRO OBHS program.   All services available under the OBHS program manual for dates of services from July 1, 2018 through February 28, 2019 should be available under this program. 


We have scheduled a Webinar for Tuesday, March 5th, 2019 at 1:00PM to review submission of requests and answer any questions providers may have about the submission of requests for Outpatient or Acute Fee for services programs. 


Thank you for your patience as we move through this transition. 


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About Us

eQHealth Solutions Arkansas Division

The Arkansas Department of Human Services partnered with eQHealth Solutions to provide utilization management services and technology for various programs and medical services offered to the beneficiaries of the state across three different divisions.

  • Division of Aging and Adult Services
  • Division of Behavioral Health Services
  • Division of Development Disabilities

Our Arkansas team consists of physicians, registered nurses and medical management operations staff with years of experience in Medicaid utilization managment.

eQHealth Solutions, Inc. is a non-profit health care quality improvement, utilization management and health information technology organization, providing a wide range of efficient and effective solutions to our clients.  Services include: prior authorization and  utilization review, care coordination, quality improvement activities, medical record review, health and wellness, and quality review services for home and community based waiver programs. eQHealth Solutions is a market leader in assisting health care providers to adopt  information technology services to improve the quality of care offered to their patients.

Our exceptional Customer Service Representatives are ready to help with eQSuite and your Service Requests.
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Phone support services include an automated phone tree to get quick responses to common questions regarding things like request status or an authorization number.


We also have a talented team of Customer Service representatives that can help you with any other service need you may have.

Phone Number: 1-888-660-3831
The Online Ticketing System is where you can easily submit a support case, keep tabs on the status of your open cases and visit our knowledge base for articles on common questions or issues. You must first be a registered user of eQSuite to login and submit a ticket so if you haven't done so please register here. If you have you can access you ticket module by clicking here.  
Providers may submit supporting information for a service request via Fax.
Fax Number: 1-855-997-3707

Services Available Starting 1/1/2019


  • CON Inpatient BH
  • EOB Inpatient BH
  • IA Referral Screens, Outpatient BH
  • DMS 640 Validation Reviews